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The competitive advantage

Security companies that use Sefeko have a major competitive advantage, as Sefeko brings operational efficiency that makes it easy to manage service level agreements (SLAs).

It has become important to prove to customers and insurers that guards were effective in handling security incidents. Sefeko provides security companies with a trusted, real-time incident management system. All guard and supervisor actions are logged and their effectiveness is reported to managers on both summary reports and detailed reports.

Sefeko reporting is automated and reports are emailed daily to managers.

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Real-time incident management

Sefeko includes free control-room software that enables guarding companies to manage guarding incidents from a central point. The software also generates automated reports that are emailed to managers.

The Sefeko mobile application enables supervisors to receive patrol notifications on their mobile devices and see patrol summaries of all their sites. The application also tracks and monitors the movement of supervisors, so it can be used to log supervisor site visits and ensure that all security incidents receive the necessary priority.

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