Why Sefeko

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Operational efficiency

Sefeko is the only complete guard monitoring system designed specifically for the South African guarding environment.

It is trusted by security companies and business owners to monitor and manage the service levels of security guards and their supervisors.

Sefeko operates on an advanced system of hardware and software that’s reliable and easy to use.

Handsets are custom-made to be rugged and dependable. The custom hardware can only be used on the Sefeko system, so it’s unlikely to be stolen.

Sefeko Diagram

Ultra-reliable handset

The Sefeko handset was developed with two design goals in mind: reliability and simplicity.

The main features of the handset are:

  • Rugged exterior
  • GPS-enabled
  • Tamper-proof design
  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • 3D antenna for areas with low signal strength
  • GSM voice communication to handset

Advantages of the Sefeko handset:

  • Easy to use – minimal training is needed
  • Highly reliable
  • Stores all events when no GSM signal is available and synchronises with the Sefeko server when the GSM network connection is restored
  • Made for the South African guarding environment (ICASA approved)


Sefeko Handset

Dependable, cloud-based software

Control Room

Sefeko software runs on cloud-based servers that support very high availability and reliability. The software is Web-based and mobile-friendly, so it can be accessed over the Internet from your smartphone or similar device, wherever you are.

Regular, intelligent reporting
Sefeko reporting transforms guarding data into intelligent security management information. Management and operational reports are sent daily, weekly and monthly by email. They are also available online.

Some of the available reports are (click to see an example report):

Sefeko mobile application

The mobile application has been developed for security guard supervisors and managers. It enables supervisors to receive patrol notifications on their mobile device and see patrol summaries of all their sites. The application also tracks and monitors the movement of supervisors. The mobile application will be available early 2017 for Android and iOS devices.


  • Supervisors receive notifications for certain patrol events.
  • Supervisors can see live patrol summaries for all sites.
  • Supervisors’ site visits, inspections and activities relating to security incidents are recorded and compiled into reports.
  • The application can be branded with your company logo.

Sefeko Mobile Application